raspberry cake

I wanted to create a light, berry cake for father’s day, so I made this white cake with raspberry buttercream frosting. It’s filled with raspberry jam and ganache, and finished with ganache rosettes and fresh raspberries. Although the color of the cake may not have been the most ideal for father’s day, I achieved an intentionally not-too-sweet cake from using raspberries and bittersweet chocolate.


Here’s the first layer of raspberry jam and then buttercream frosting. The color is achieved by adding raspberry puree to the frosting.


I wasn’t sure if I had made enough ganache or frosting, so for the second of three layers, I used raspberry jam and ganache. I probably should have just made this a two layer, as the layers were rather thin and moist and a bit difficult to work with. Finally, I frosted the entire cake.


For the finishing touches, I piped ganache rosettes and placed a fresh raspberry atop each.


One Response to “raspberry cake”

  1. mj Says:

    didn’t know you actually used rasberry puree to color the frosting! i thought it was red #4 or some factory coded number for red coloring. that’s cool. but, still looks heavy on the hips. i really like buttercream cakes but is there a substitute for buttercream? what’s a proper substitute for butter+cream?