fortunately, not a fluke…


I tried making another batch of macarons, this time adding some matcha powder, just to see if my last successful attempt was a fluke. I was relieved when the feet came out again! Hopefully, I’m starting to get the hang of this and am developing the fundamentals upon which to build.

6 Responses to “fortunately, not a fluke…”

  1. Dragon Says:

    I don’t think it was a fluke. These look amazing. 🙂

  2. prettytastycakes Says:

    Thanks, Dragon!

  3. Lisa Says:

    I went through the same ordeal with macarons. I’m still not at the point where I get a whole sheet of perfect shells and footsies, but I’m happy I’ve got them somewhat down pat. That said, yours are gorgeous, but everything you bake/create comes out gorgeous! Have I told you lately that I love you….r blog? LOL

  4. mallory elise Says:

    isn’t it funny how everyone thinks they are so difficult? all that matters for their success or failure is really what you are thinking about while they are mixing, being piped, and being primed. silly. all it is is a thought.

    🙂 lovely little buggers you have there though, felicitations!

  5. prettytastycakes Says:

    Lisa – aw, thanks…and “footsies”? i haven’t heard that one before. so cute!

    mallory elise – true, once i got these right, i thought “that’s it?”. funny about how your frame of mind influences the final product. the first few tries i was determined to get them right and they didn’t. the times they did come out, i was a bit more skeptical. a lesson in humility?

  6. latifa Says:

    wow………looks perfect.
    i hope i’ll make them one day