NY Chocolate Show Opening Night & Fashion Show

On Nov. 6, the opening night/fashion show for the 11th Annual Chocolate Show was held in New York, an event to benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation for the cure. The show has switched locations from the Metropolitan Pavilion to Pier 94, on 55th St. and 12th Ave. Pier 94 is a more spacious venue, which will hopefully better suit the large crowds. Here’s a preview, though this is probably the least populated you will see it:


A handful of vendors were set up for the preview/opening night. Among them were Éclat Chocolate, who displayed  cocoa sticks (below, left), which are melted in hot milk to create hot cocoa. They also had some spicy peppercorn chocolates shaped in disks. Oliver Kita had some fashionista chocolate shoes (below, right) adorned with what appears to be crystallized violets.


Two booths that you will not want to miss are Mary’s from Japan (below, top and bottom left) and the Italian Confederation which is comprised of several Italian vendors (below, top and bottom right). They both have some amazing chocolate available to purchase only at the chocolate show (outside of Japan and Italy, of course). Mary’s green tea truffle samples were a big hit last year and kept flying off their counter. The chocolates from the Italian Confederation table are also notable. I sampled some salted chocolates, Gianduja, and chocolates topped with lemon rinds (wow), which were excellent.


Keep in mind there will be many more vendors at the actual show, including Amadei, Jacques Torres, John & Kira’s, Valrhona (among others), and you can find the full list and more info here.

On to the chocolate fashion show! This year, former Project Runway designers and celebrity pastry chefs joined forces to create pieces under the theme of Superheroes! Here are some pieces from the show:


Left: “Villain to Mother Nature (Oil Spill) by Renee Masoomian & Vedika Webb and Right: “Viracocha” made by Steve Evetts of the Marriott Marquis and designed by Brian Bustos.
Fierce and fiercer!    


Clockwise, from upper left: “Black Phoenix” by Kit Scarbo, Fritz Knipschildt, and Torben Bang, “Ironman” by Faith Drobin and Michelle Tampakis, “Barbarella” by Gregory Fale, Richard Capizzi & Grand Marnier, “Batgirl” by Michael Plosky & Martin Howard, ”Storm” by Vanessa Greeley and Dina Sadik, modeled by Sophie Deni.

The actual Chocolate show takes place this weekend, Friday to Sunday November 7-9, 2008, and will include demonstrations by some top pastry chefs (which itself is worth the $28 price of admission), activities for children, book signings from pastry chefs, as well as  the full roster of chocolate vendors. For more info on the show, click here.

Note: Please contact me at [email protected] if any pastry artists/designers were not credited appropriately.

8 Responses to “NY Chocolate Show Opening Night & Fashion Show”

  1. Arnis Says:

    The dress that is identified as Wonder Woman is actually Vircochia made by Steve Evetts of the Marriott Marquis and designed by Brian Bustos.

  2. prettytastycakes Says:

    Correction has been made. That dress was a stunner!

  3. Dianna Says:

    Just a note – bottom left…..”STORM” was designed and made by Pastry Chef Vanessa Greeley and Chocolatier Dina Sadik modeled by Sophie Denis

  4. My Sweet & Saucy Says:

    How lucky are you! Thanks for the great photos!

  5. sarahann Says:

    did you happen to get any pictures of the model that was dressed as lara croft? that happened to be my little sister and I wanted to show our family the pictures

  6. prettytastycakes Says:

    sarahann – sure, I’ll send one over.

  7. Chocoflyer Says:

    My mom & I were scheduled to go to the Choc show, but due to this horrible scary economy, we had to cancel – so sad! We weere SO bummed. We just could not justify spending so much money in NYC when we are so worried about layoffs and saving money for “just in case”- Does anyone know if attendance was down this year ? I can’t imagine tons of ppl except maybe locals & industry insiders had enough extra spending money for this year….

  8. prettytastycakes Says:

    Chocoflyer – I had those same questions myself. I have no info regarding attendance. It seemed less crowded than last year – then again, this year’s space was much larger, so it’s hard to tell. Hopefully, our economy will be in a better state next year.