my first wedding cake


I took on the challenge of creating my first wedding cake this past week for recently married friends. The design was loosely based on bride’s blue and purple lengha, a traditional Indian dress. Each of the three tiers had four layers of chocolate cake with raspberry jam, and were filled and frosted with grand marnier buttercream throughout.

K&Lcake_web3.jpg K&Lcake_web2.jpg

I wanted to apply some gold decoration to the sides and edges and researched several options, but was finally advised by a person at NY Cake to apply edible gold paint. It comes as a dust that you mix with alcohol or lemon extract. I thought I’d give it a shot and was thrilled with the results!

The whole process was a bit nerve wracking (especially the transporting in and out of my rather narrow refrigerator and to the actual event!), but enjoyable. It was rewarding to see the delight in the newlywed’s faces, to watch people going up for second and third helpings, and to receive compliments such as “Janet’s cakes just make you happy…”

4 Responses to “my first wedding cake”

  1. AnnieBbaker Says:

    I found your site by googling ‘petits gateaux’ and it was one of the only sites in English. I am taking Chad P’s course at ICE in April 2008 and found your review of his class. Then, I started looking at your postings. Great!! You have some great ideas and are a lot like me–taking the hobby of baking to a very high level. I love this wedding cake with your attention to detail and reflection of the couple. I also like the idea of rose flavored butter cream! Where did you get the recipe? Are you willing to share?!
    Thanks for sharing your hobby with us.

  2. prettytastycakes Says:

    Thanks, Ann. Chad’s class was awesome; I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

    As for the rose flavored buttercream, I’ve tried two versions, one with confectioner’s sugar and butter, and another with a meringue base (using egg whites). I generally prefer the taste of meringue buttercream over the confectioner’s sugar-based buttercream. Anyway, as un-scientific and imprecise as this may sound for the scientific art of baking I added a few tablespoons of rose petal jelly, rosewater, and a slight amount of food coloring (not the liquid stuff) to a meringue buttercream base. I did this to taste.

  3. AnnieBbaker Says:

    Hey thanks! I’ll try it, sounds great.

  4. Carole Says:

    So this was the Hoboken cake! It’s lovely — and must have been a fantastic complement to K’s dress.

    A fantastic site — it has been bookmarked.