cosmic dome cake


This Filbert Gateau with praline buttercream, filbert (or hazelnut) genoise and ganache glaze was perhaps the most frustrating Daring Baker’s Challenge for me yet, which really shouldn’t have been since it IS cake, and I should be fortunate I was in my element. I want to attribute it up to the heat and the fact that this wasn’t the most seasonally appropriate cake to make, but I just wasn’t as inspired with this month’s challenge.

I thought I’d experiment with this cake by trying a dome shape. I received a Betty Crocker bake and fill kit a few years ago, which included a dome baking pan. I didn’t actually bake the cake in the pan (the depth of the center would mean increased baking time = dry cake). Instead, I baked the cake as a sheet and cut out circles of various sizes to fill the cake.

The praline wasn’t sufficiently incorporated into buttercream, hence the chunks. It still tasted delicious but I knew that piping anything decorative on the surface of the cake would be nightmare. I decided to try it but as expected, the constantly clogging tip just wasn’t working. (While I think I’ve done a decent job covering up the blemishes between touching up the cake and avoiding photographing at certain angles, I can technically still say that the buttercream is part of the decoration, as that was a requirement in this challenge.) Anyway, after some deliberation I decided I would decorate with chocolate modeling paste.


I rolled out the modeling paste onto a thin sheet and cut circles out of it, and painted the circles with edible gold dust.


Cutting out and arranging the circles proved meditative and helped quel an otherwise frustrating experience. In the end, I was pleased with the mod/abstract aesthetics of the cake. But right up until the end, even cutting the cake proved challenging. The firmer chocolate circles pressed into the soft sides of cake from the pressure of the knife, so I had to freeze the cake to firm it up and wait another day to actually cut into the cake.

Another challenge down and boy am I glad this one is over. To see what other Daring Bakers have concocted this month, click here.

44 Responses to “cosmic dome cake”

  1. Parisian Cigarettes Says:

    I cannot see where you messed up. The cake is absolutely gorgeous!!! It looks too good.

  2. Sweet Tooth Says:

    What a nice visual twist.

  3. Nicole D. Says:

    It looks incredible!!

  4. prettytastycakes Says:

    Thanks for the nice comments!

    PC – I scraped off the buttercream decoration and poured some ganache over it. Just a tiny portion was affected.

  5. veron Says:

    This is simply amazing. You did a fantastic job!

  6. lauren Says:

    i absolutely love your cake! It’s so unique! You definitely thought outside the box!

  7. Ann Says:

    *speechless with admiration*

  8. Lesley Says:

    Holy SMOKE ! That one screams ‘fancy pastry shop’! GREAT!!!

  9. Madam Chow Says:

    I’ll echo Leslie – HOLY SMOKES! That is one awesome cake! I bailed on this one, in large part because of the heat. I made the buttercream and came close to a meltdown after I discovered that my cream had spoiled. So, I took a deep breath and decided that my sanity was more important this month!

  10. [email protected] Says:

    wow this is so beautiful!!! well done you!!

  11. Hillary Says:

    That almost looks like a Chinese lantern! So pretty, and beautifully decorated. I’m impressed!

  12. J for Kitchen Confit Says:

    I am awe! Your cake looks amazing!

  13. Esi Says:

    This looks absolutely amazing!

  14. Gina Says:

    That is one stunning cake! Beautiful!!!!

  15. Rebecca Says:

    I too was frustrated by the un-seasonality (is that even a word?) of this month’s challenge. However, no matter what time of year it is, your cake looks amazing!

  16. tara Says:

    Stunning and elegant; what an impressive imagining of the challenge! The way you have finished the cake is gorgeous – the decoration would even be suitable for a modern wedding cake!

  17. Michelle Says:

    Your domed cake is genius! I’ve wanted to try one for some time now but I’m quite ready yet.

    Beautiful and so unique!!

  18. Susan/Wild Yeast Says:

    Most unique cake of the challenge! Beautiful too.

  19. Y Says:

    What a cool version of the gateau! It looks out of this world! Really! 😀

  20. Lori Says:

    Thats a very pretty and imaginative cake.

  21. dayna Says:

    I beat my head over how to decorate this cake creatively.
    Looks like you nailed it!

  22. Zoë François Says:

    What a lovely interpretation, so unique and fun!

  23. Christina Says:

    Holy cow, this is my favorite variation so far! It looks incredible!

  24. Stephanie Says:

    this. is. a. STUNNING. Cake. !! I love it!

  25. Friedl Says:

    That looks gorgeous !

  26. leslie Says:

    LOVE what you did with you cake!!! Very Original!!!

  27. venus Says:

    I love your take on this cake! Very unique and I heart those rings that you decorated the cake with!

  28. kelley Says:

    man, even though it was a struggle, the cake looks unbelievable.

  29. Michelle Says:

    This is one gorgeous cake!

  30. Faery Says:

    WOW not only a beautiful cake but very luxuruious too. I love the golden rings and circles a very special touch.

  31. Julie Says:

    Technical difficulties aside, it looks absolutely gorgeous! If it weren’t cake, I’d want to hang it on my wall!

  32. Joey Biscotti Says:

    I saw your photo and thought “OOOooo!!! What is THAT???” What a striking beauty of a cake!!!

  33. Alexa Says:

    What a fun rendition… Very pretty and so playful.

  34. Anne Says:

    This looks really striking!! 🙂

  35. Clumbsy Cookie Says:

    This is a gorgeous cake! GORGEOUS! I love the way you did it, from a sheet pan! The decoration is really elegant!

  36. Nangil Girl Says:

    Wow!! Your dome cake looks amazing!!

  37. dove Says:

    Simply Gawdjus!!!!! I thought about making a charlotte, too. But…first time around, wanted to see where it would go. I love your style, kiddo!

  38. Vegan_Noodle Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!! I love that you made the cake a dome shape.

  39. Lauren Says:

    Wow! Your cake is gorgeous! I love that you made it so unique!!

  40. Aimee Says:

    Very ambitious, but you really pulled it off. This is a stunning cake and I would be sweating too when the time came to cut it, but you did a great job.
    -a fan of all things cake.

  41. Sophie Says:

    You did a lovely job on this one. I like the dome, and it has kind of a Christmasy look to it too :). I’m also quite glad it’s over, mostly because mine didn’t come out this lovely :P.

  42. Sihan Says:

    holy smokes.. that looks divine! i love the edible gold.. makes it look sooo cosmo.. haha.

  43. Megan Says:

    Wow! What an amazing cake. I am sure it tastes as good as it looks

  44. Tartelette Says:

    Can you believe I am just catching up with everybody?!! Well, I am and let me tell you this took my breath away it is so gorgeous! Awesome!